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March Madness With New Strains!!

Chronic Buddha

March Madness is here folks and as usual ChronicBuddha is rocking out with new strains and new products being dropped weekly. On the edible front we just added the Heavy Hitters Gummies for $15 each in 4 flavors and these edibles have it all, the taste is spot on and the high is truly a heavy hitter. We added the new Infused Baby Jeeter jars which come 5 in a jar for only $30 bucks or 4 for $100. Our February sale products are still available so don’t miss out on that sale and snatch them all up at the incredible discounted prices.

On the Flower front , Chronic Buddha has been bringing the best loudest strains available direct from our farms directly to all our customers. We recently dropped a slew of strains to match any type of flavor and high you are looking for. Here is a list of some aweeosme strains we dropped, Tangie Alpha Blue, Cadillac Rainbow Runts, Purple Punch Gas Gelato, Harlem Dream Piff, Sour Blue Diesel, Sour Lemon Bean, Galactic Candy Jack, Hash Plant Gorilla, Pineapple Xpress Runts, GMO, Critical Sour are just some of the awesome strain we carry. Ordering is as easy as texting 718-747-9797 and we will get your order out to you in roughly an hour.

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Massive NYC Weed Sale @ Chronic Buddha

It’s that time of the year again at Chronic buddha with a massive end of the year, start of the new year NYC WEED SALE. We have a full line to choose from with big savings on all our weed products. Are you looking for top tier marijuana strains?, well look no further, we have deals on all our weed strains with many going for 3 8th’s for $100 or if your looking for ounces, we have 6 incredible High end Exotic ounces for only $175 each. The Strains available are SUPER SILVER HAZE – CANDY SHERBERT – SOUR CANDY RUNTZ – DOUBLE STUFFED OREOSBUBBLEGUM OG – TRUFFLE RUNTZ. These are full BUD ounces and as always fresh and tasty direct from Chronic Buddha.

Almost all our products have been put on sale and below you can see each of them and save big today!!

We have it all from edibles to vapes to prerolls and all at big savings delivered to you usually in less then an hour. Text us now at 718-747-9797 and we will get you started on your order and one of our drivers will get your weed delivery to you quickly. We deliver all our weed products to Brooklyn, Manhattan & queens.

We have drivers that Expedite NYC Weed Deliveries to Queens New York, Covering all parts of Astoria NY, Flushing NY, Whitestone NY, Long island NY , L.I.C NY and beyond. Leave the hard work to us, Chronic Buddha Has you covered with prompt safe and secure weed delivery service to the following areas for weed/marijuana delivery, whitestone queens, Bayside queens, Flushing NY, Malba Ny, Beechurst NY, Great neck & little neck long island, Manhasset NY, Bell Boulevard Queens & we deliver to all of  Long Island City. We have Manhattan covered with east side Manhattan weed delivery and west side Manhattan weed delivery as well.

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Huge Ounce & 8th’s Sale for all NYC!!

Huge Ounce

Chronic Buddha has stocked up on some Premium Marijuana Flower that has been selling extremely well in NYC. We wanted to make sure all our customers will have a chance to try out the amazing strain we have on deck. This week we have La Green Crack, Bruce Banner, Skywalker og Zoap and Candyland. All of these Strain are high-end top-quality flower and delivered to you for only $175 each. Never again do you have to leave the house to get the same outdoor weed they all carry at the smokeshops when you can text us at 718-747-9797 and have us deliver your weed to all parts of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan usually in under an hour. These strains are fresh and each one is fluffy and exotic in look and taste. If you shop around at smoke shops you will notice they carry the same strains which smell nice but are weak on the high department and are usually greenhouse outdoors and not real indoor exotics like we carry here at Chronic Buddha. On your next order try one of these exotic marijuana ounces and get ready to take off to a awesome New Year in 2024.

We update our menu every week here at Chronic Buddha and always carry top shelf Marijuana flower. We carry over 15 strains of premium grade weed that is ready to be delivered to you in any of the 5 borough’s of New York City. Just go through our menu and pick a strain and then let us know how many 8th’s you want and one of our drivers will be out to you usually in under an hour. There is no need to stress and go hunting for premium marijuana. Let us deliver the best weed to you in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. We carry a full line of strains from Sour Diesel, Black Candy, Black Gorilla, Venom OG, Cosmic Cotton Candy, Miami Haze, Alpha Blue, Jack Herer and so many more and all our available in 8th and ounces at amazing prices. We also have amazing 3 for $100 deals every day with amazing strains to choose from.

Don’t forget we also carry amazing edibles, vapes and concentrates from verifiable brands and are alway fresh and available for delivery.

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New Strains & Oz Deals Added Weekly for our NYC Customers!

We have been dropping New Marijuana strains weekly here @ Chronic Buddha. Awesome Flavors such as Black Candy, Purple Punch Nerds, Cosmic Cotton Candy, Miami Diesel, Alpha Blue & so many more top tier exotic strains . Text us Now and let us deliver the finest weed , edibles or vapes directly to you in Queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan in under an hour.

One flavor that has been moving like hotcakes is our Cereal Milk. This strain provides incredible flavor along with a high that reaches the skies. Our customers cant seem to get enough of it so we made sure to stock up. Check out the amazing Cereal Milk and all of our Marijuana Strains.

Savings! Savings! Savings! We hear you all and understand times are tough right for everyone, any savings helps and Chronic Buddha is here to the rescue with our amazing AAA exotic ounces for only $175 each. Every week we update our menu with more exotic weed flavors at an amazing price for true quality. Our strains are the finest marijuana strains out like La Green Crack, Bruce Banner, Skywalker OG Zoap & Candy Land.

Simply text us to get your order started and within minutes we can have one of our drivers deliver your order to you in under an hour. Pick any ounce or 8th, edible or vape and we will take care of the rest and have your order delivered anywhere in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

We are open 7 days a week serving the Tri-State Area. We have drivers on stand-by ready to deliver your Choice of Marijuana Strains, Edible products and the latest Vapes & Concentrates. We offer a full line of Weed products that are ready every day from 11am to 12am.

We carry a full line of concentrates from our farm friends at Pink Elephant. Whatever you preference of dabbing may be we have you covered. We carry Live Sugar Resin,Hash Rosin, Badder & sauce which are tested for purity and potency. We also carry the finest Moroccan Hash and it is in stock and available now.

If you looking for edible or vapes then look no more. We carry Loud Snack edibles along with punch bard and many other brands. We have Stiiizy vapes and sauce vapes which are fully verifiable. So start your order today by texting us at 718-747-9797.

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Stay In & Let Chronic Buddha Handle The Rest!

NYC Weed Deliveries

The Holiday season is here, and Chronic Buddha extends warm wishes for a happy and safe holiday and New Year to all our customers. New York City is a vibrant and lively place, especially during the holidays, and we understand it can get hectic. For a stress-free experience, consider staying in and ordering your weed products from the comfort of your surroundings.

As more smoke shops open up, it may seem like a convenient option, but be cautious. Many of these shops sell outdoor and Dep style weed at lower prices. This type of smoke is a cheaper flower that may not offer the desired high after the initial bag.

Walking into a store and picking up something to smoke might seem easy, but do you know what you’re getting, who bagged it, and how old it is? Avoid the guessing game with Chronic Buddha. With years of experience in promptly delivering the finest flower to our customers, we guarantee the highest quality in weed, edibles, and vape products.

Trust us to handle your needs, providing a worry-free and superior experience. Here’s to a joyful holiday season and continued delivery of the best products!

Embrace the winter magic with Chronic Buddha! As the holiday season unfolds, our warmest wishes for joy and safety reach all our cherished customers. New York City transforms into a winter wonderland, bustling with festive energy. Amidst the holiday hustle, why not cozy up indoors and order your favorite weed products from the warmth of your surroundings?

While the city sparkles with snowflakes, navigating the growing number of smoke shops can be overwhelming. Many offer outdoor and Dep style weed at lower prices, but beware – this cheaper flower might not bring the winter cheer you’re seeking beyond the initial bag.

Resist the temptation to hastily grab something from a store shelf. Do you really know the story behind your smoke – who packaged it and how fresh it is? Leave the uncertainties behind with Chronic Buddha. With years of experience swiftly delivering the finest winter blooms, we ensure the highest quality in weed, edibles, and vape products.

Let us handle the details, so you can savor the season stress-free. Here’s to a winter filled with high-quality moments and continued delivery of festive cheer!

We have drivers that Expedite NYC Weed Deliveries to Queens New York, Covering all parts of Astoria NY, Flushing NY, Whitestone NY, Long island NY , L.I.C NY and beyond. Leave the hard work to us, Chronic Buddha Has you covered with prompt safe and secure weed delivery service to the following areas for weed/marijuana delivery, whitestone queens, Bayside queens, Flushing NY, Malba Ny, Beechurst NY, Great neck & little neck long island, Manhasset NY, Bell Boulevard Queens & we deliver to all of  Long Island City. We have Manhattan covered with east side Manhattan weed delivery and west side Manhattan weed delivery as well.

Happy Holidays from Chronic Buddha! Wishing all our amazing customers a joyful and safe season. Embrace the magic of New York City, but remember, it can get a bit chaotic. Opt for a stress-free experience by ordering your premium weed products from the comfort of your home.

Don’t fall for the smoke shop hustle! Many offer outdoor and lower-quality Dep style weed at tempting prices. Choose wisely – our top-notch products guarantee a satisfying high every time, without compromising quality.

Why gamble with unknown sources? At Chronic Buddha, we’ve perfected the art of delivering the finest flower, edibles, and vape products right to your doorstep. Trust the experts for a worry-free and elevated experience. Cheers to a lit holiday season! #ChronicBuddha #HighQuality #HappyHolidays

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The NYC Weed Delivery Experts Are At It Again.

We are gearing into a Spooky Halloween week sale. We have the best exotic marijuana strains available right now for only $175 each. With Chronic Buddhas free Brooklyn weed delivery which includes delivery to the following area. All of our strains are straight from the farms Colorado and California, These are considered AAA quality with the aroma and taste and high being top end.

  • Williamsburg Free weed delivery ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Bensonhurst Free weed delivery ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Park Slope Free weed delivery ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Flatbush Free weed delivery ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Bushwick Free weed delivery ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Bensonhurst Free weed delivery ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Bay Ridge Free weed delivery ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Downtown Brooklyn Free weed delivery ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Sunset Park Free weed delivery ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Borough Park Free weed delivery ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )

We added one of the best Live resin strain derived THC disposables on the market today from our friends at eureka. The eureka Strain derived live resin vape is a game changer. It has that true marijuan vape taste you expect without any form of added organic terps. This is as clean and potent as it gets. No matter where you are in mahattan, we always have a driver for your manhattan weed delivery and we can see you in under an hour to any of the hotspots.

  • Uptown ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Midtown ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Downtown ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • East Village ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • West Village ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Chelsea ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Lower East Side ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Upper East Side( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Washington Heights ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Battery Park ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )

So many new Marijuana Strains have dropped from Trinity Glue, Tropican Purple Haze, Magic Pineapple runtz and many more with many featuring 3 8ths for $100. All of our strains are available for free queens weed delivery. We just received a brick of imported Ketama Moroccan Hash, high end exclusive here at Chronic Buddha. Celebrate with some polkadot Mushroom bars or lay back and get knocked out with our edible THC PunchBar. Make you’re order for free weed delivery to all of queens.

  • Astoria ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • East Elmhurst ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Long Island City ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Forest Hills ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Kew Gardens ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Flushing ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Whitestone ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Fresh Meadows ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Jamaica ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )
  • Bayside ( Vapes, Edibles & Dabs )

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Home of the Deal$ & Home Of The Realz!

We have been busy putting together a bunch of products for our customers to grab at amazing prices with deals to be had in every category.

Recently we dropped some amazing vapes that were tested at the chronic buddha offices and we immediately fell in love. One of them were the FLAV THC Live Resin Disposable with a smooth inhale and a delight to vape sets itself apart from the pack and lets you intake as much vapor as you like. The oil is second to none and features some tasty live resin that is strain specific, making the Flav a true winner and a vapors dream THC Live Resin dispoable


Whenever you decide to pick up one of our High End Exotic Ounces for $175, you can relax knowing these are fresh form the farm, untouched and tested. With a ever changing marijuana market, we decided to stay ahead of the curve and bring you true high end weed at an amazing prices delivered directly to you. There is no need to go to some smoke shop with workers who don’t know even know what they are selling making it impossible to know what you are buying. We pick all our flower ourselves, true strains that are fresh and ready for consumption. Our drivers are standing by to bring you the quickest queens weed delivery around, Brooklyn weed delivery and Manhattan weed delivery on the net. Visiting New york and getting your hands on some cannabis products has never been easier. Simply text 718-747-9797 to get started and you can have your order NYC weed delivered usually in under an hour. Whichever you choose, Edibles, vapes or weed cannabis, chronic buddha has you covered..

We all love our Sauce Essential Disposables, A true staple that delivers every time. We never leave home without one!!

Grab them while they last and ask us about all our flavors, 3 for $100 is insane , especially for Real Authentic Sauce Essentials vape disposables that can be verified, Get them before they are gone and have a blast!!

More Stiiizy’s Please!!! Coming Right Up!!!

We have them in stock and these are the real deal fully verifiable, The real deal Stiiizy pods for only $50. The best only gets better.

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True Strains Only @ Chronic Buddha

miami haze

With an ever-expanding weed world growing rapidly all around us, we all need to be mindful of what we are buying when purchasing marijuana flower. The choices have expanded with strain choices and the world of edible and vapes has grown exponentially but there is worry of fake products and people putting any type of flower into bags and just giving them names which is deceptive. When shopping at Chronic Buddha For queens weed delivery or if you happen to live in Manhattan or need Brooklyn weed delivery you are guaranteed to receive the proper strain each time. We understand being a delivery service, the customer doesn’t get to see the product and make a choice. That is why we guarantee that each strain is exactly what we say it is, we spend our time picking the best strains and making sure they are the proper strain matching its lineage. Chronic Buddha is known for carrying hard to find strains such as Blue Dream or Alpha Blue, these are true sativas that not everyone has. We also get the real miami haze and true Jack herer strains that are proper from crystal trichome structure to the aroma and touch.

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Newest Polkadot & Loud Snackz Are Fire!

First up is our Smooth and Delicious ride you’ll get with the New Updated PolkaDot Chocolate Mushroom Bars. We have stacked up with the newest release with all of the great wild flavors available in the Polkadot line. They are very tasty and potent and can be shared with your friends for a magical good time. We have the latest version with all the proper authentic markings and the true ability to authenticate the product with the qr code which can be scanned and checked on the spot.

Chrinic Buddha is featuring Polkadot famous mushroom chocolate bars and they are truly medicinal and have very powerful healing abilities. These mushroom chocolate bars help people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. This makes them acceptable in nearly all parts of the world. The Polka Dot Brand Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Belgian Chocolate Bars are highly potent and boasts four grams of magic mushrooms. 20-30 minutes after ingestion you will notice a distortion of space and time, bright, beautiful colors, visual distortions, mystical experiences, euphoria and happiness.

The Latest Iteration of the PolkaDot Magical Mushroom bar.

Next up on the great tasting Chronic buddha edible collection is our Updated INFUSED LOUD SNACKZ GUMMIES & INFUSED COOKIES. We have a one to one connection with LOUD SNACKZ as we are family. We introduced the Loud Snackz line last year and they have taken off and are loved by so many. These are tasty treats that give you the right amount of THC in every bite which use the highest quality THC oil out there. Each gummy is packed with flavor and with one piece you can expect a few hours of chilling out and full body relaxation.


Brand New Packaging With Ultra high Quality THC Oil

The Final Mega Star is the brand-new line of LOUD SNACKZ INFUSED MONSTER COOKIES. These Loud Snack Monster Cookies have been selling extremely well and are wildly popular in the THC world. From rappers to pop stars and are customers alike, we have gotten rave reviews and expect that to continue with their New Updated packaging and Flavors. You can expect a myriad of new flavors to choose from and expect the highest quality ingredients that go into these cookies. Loud Snackz Monster Cookies are made in a true baking facility and deliver us the ooey gooey goodness in every bite and a high that hits with every bite. Pick up a pack today of the latest batch in the newest packaging and go for a fun THC experience like no other.

The Latest Loud Snackz Monster Cookies

Choose one or Choose them all and enjoy the clean THC experience.

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Our Pink Elephant Has Wings, You’re Gona Fly.!!

Chronic Buddha set the dabbing world on fire when we introduced our Pink Elephant Line of badder which sold out rather quickly leaving our customers clamming for more. Well, now Pink Elephant have done it once again with a ultra premium run of 100% strain specific resin badder sauce that rivals most of what’s available on the market today. We are talking each of the 8 strains that is then chopped and turned into Pink Elephant Live Resin Sauce Badder using a special cold press process that leaves the final product untouched and pure from that strain to your lungs. Each strain delivers it’s own constancy which can be from a medium runny product to a solid moist product depending on how the final product solidifies. Each strain is gooey and easily spreadable with some being slightly firmer than other. Our Pink Elephant 100% Live Resin Sauce Badder is truly on another level with purity, strength, and consistency. With chronic buddha and pink elephant you can rely on the quality and the awesome quick queens weed delivery or our manhattan weed delivery and of course our brooklyn weed delivery service which is usualy at your doorstep within the hour.

The taste excels with pure, real terpenes from that strain which simply taste unreal and then the high that shoots you to the moon with an immediate effect no matter how you to choose to consume the Pink Elephant Live Resin Sauce Badder. You can use a dab rig and blast your way to pink elephant heaven or a Erig like the Core 2.1 or the puffco. Either way you can be assured that just a tine little bit is enough to get a few people really high. Combine the incredible badder sauce with Chronic Buddha’s super fast weed delivery, you end up with a great day and night.