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Home of the Deal$ & Home Of The Realz!

We have been busy putting together a bunch of products for our customers to grab at amazing prices with deals to be had in every category.

Recently we dropped some amazing vapes that were tested at the chronic buddha offices and we immediately fell in love. One of them were the FLAV THC Live Resin Disposable with a smooth inhale and a delight to vape sets itself apart from the pack and lets you intake as much vapor as you like. The oil is second to none and features some tasty live resin that is strain specific, making the Flav a true winner and a vapors dream THC Live Resin dispoable


Whenever you decide to pick up one of our High End Exotic Ounces for $175, you can relax knowing these are fresh form the farm, untouched and tested. With a ever changing marijuana market, we decided to stay ahead of the curve and bring you true high end weed at an amazing prices delivered directly to you. There is no need to go to some smoke shop with workers who don’t know even know what they are selling making it impossible to know what you are buying. We pick all our flower ourselves, true strains that are fresh and ready for consumption. Our drivers are standing by to bring you the quickest queens weed delivery around, Brooklyn weed delivery and Manhattan weed delivery on the net. Visiting New york and getting your hands on some cannabis products has never been easier. Simply text 718-747-9797 to get started and you can have your order NYC weed delivered usually in under an hour. Whichever you choose, Edibles, vapes or weed cannabis, chronic buddha has you covered..

We all love our Sauce Essential Dispoables, A true staple that delivers every time. We never leave home without one!!

Grab them while they last and ask us about all our flavors, 3 for $100 is insane , especially for Real Authentic Sauce Essentials vape disposables that can be verified, Get them before they are gone and have a blast!!

More Stiiizy’s Please!!! Coming Right Up!!!

We have them in stock and these are the real deal fully verifiable, The real deal Stiiizy pods for only $50. The best only gets better.

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True Strains Only @ Chronic Buddha

With an ever-expanding weed world growing rapidly all around us, we all need to be mindful of what we are buying when purchasing marijuana flower. The choices have expanded with strain choices and the world of edible and vapes has grown exponentially but there is worry of fake products and people putting any type of flower into bags and just giving them names which is deceptive. When shopping at Chronic Buddha For queens weed delivery or if you happen to live in Manhattan or need Brooklyn weed delivery you are guaranteed to receive the proper strain each time. We understand being a delivery service, the customer doesn’t get to see the product and make a choice. That is why we guarantee that each strain is exactly what we say it is, we spend our time picking the best strains and making sure they are the proper strain matching its lineage. Chronic Buddha is known for carrying hard to find strains such as Blue Dream or Alpha Blue, these are true sativas that not everyone has. We also get the real miami haze and true Jack herer strains that are proper from crystal trichome structure to the aroma and touch.

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Blazing The Summer With Awesome Sales$$

The summer is blazing, and Chronic Buddha is up to the task bringing you speedy queens weed delivery every day of the week and pride ourselves on our fast Brooklyn weed delivery service despite the New York traffic which our crafty drivers have mastered. We started off the summer with our June and jury ounce sales which have been very successful, especially during times in which money is restrictive for many. To help out everyone we have have added many $40 dollar eigth strains which are all indoor exotics and are full on real strains you can all depends on. We wanted to continue the saving so we decided to do a media sale on our pre rolls and decided to do a sale for both, our very own Blaze ny preolls and our new fresh batch of Premium Moonrock infused prerolls. We have both our own blaze preroll available in dozens of strains and about a dozen flavos in the Premium moon rock infused prerolls. Both are a perfect on the go product without the need to roll anything, simply pull it out and smoke. You can feel free to order these anytime of the day from 11am to 11pm anywhere in the 5 boughs and with our speedy Brooklyn weed delivery and queens weed delivery you can expect your order in an under an hour. The simplicity of popping open the tube and pulling out a rerolled infused joint that’s ready to smoke makes the day a lot easier to deal with, especially after work where you don’t want to waste time. If you’re going to walk the dog or do some chores it is much easier to grab a pre roll and save the time on rolling. Many I know simply prefer preroll as it fits their lifestyle and now it can fit your wallet too. You can grab 10 base pre roll for $100 bucks, that’s a big deal. If you desire a crazy deal of corrupts premium infused moon rock preroll joints then you can get 7 for $100 and that’s cheaper then any smoke shop that’s out there and that actually has real ones.

Next on the big summer sale is the Pink Elephant Sugar Badder and all new Pink Elephant Crumble that will be upon a few days. All pink elephant crumble sauce product are strain specific and true terpene only. We have a few new flavors coming that will blow your minds away and these are truly flavorful and potent. They can be enjoyed by sprinting or spreading some onto your weed or paper or you can use a dab rig or an electronic dab rig Like the core v2.1 or the puff and you only need a tiny bit which goes a long way.

Let’s keep the excitement rolling with our incredible ounce sale. You can grab one of 3 ounces and each for only $175. We have the bubblegum mimosa which is tasty as it is a great stress reliever. Then we have the black cherry runtz which stinks of a creamy cherry gelato candy cake and has full flavor and an incredible high. The third flavor is our granddaddy purple cake which explodes with a fruity vanilla gelato cake and is super fun to smoke with its indica high. All 3 are an amazing deal for indoor exotics and for only $175 each delivered directly to you in under a hour.

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Check Out Our Latest Strains, From The Farm To Your Hands.

If I ever read another VICE article on the differences between Hybrids, Sativas & Indicas, I might just lose my mind. I’m pretty sure its AI writing most of those articles these days, while they might have some pertinent information in all that fluff, none of it is beneficial in telling the difference between real or fake strains. While they claim there is no certain way to 100% with certainty state what is and isn’t a hybrid, indica or sativa. That might be true with newer strain that have been crossed a billion times over but doesn’t fully apply to original strains that where more dominant in their grow stages where there is a known difference between growth structure, and the perceivable high.

Not knowing if a strain is truly 100% a particular type isn’t the same as knowing the differences between strains, the type of high they produce, the flavor they give off and the type of high they give. If someone gave you a pound of OG but you clearly can smell and see that it’s a pound of gelato, that means there is a difference and it’s a complicated science to it but its basic as well. Being a smoker over time, learning about marijuana, brings many of us to be able to tell what strand a particular plant may be. I can tell you what strain your holding just by the smell, just by the colors or by the structure. This will vary with a totally new strain but even a connoisseur would be able to tell you what the make-up of that strain is.

As a smoker, I want to know that what I’m purchasing is what I’m told it is. As a company, we strive to make sure that every strain we have on our menu is exactly the strain we say it is. This is a major concern for many smokers and it’s a concern for us to ensure we are bringing the proper product to your hands. We are constantly testing new strains and product to make sure the flower is tested, smokes properly and has the flavor profile it should. Doing basic testing is a must for any marijuana weed delivery service. The reality is there are many growers out there and many farms producing marijuana and the clients need to sift through many pounds of similar product to find the diamonds in the ruff. That might sound corny but its the truth. Hundreds of thousands of pounds can be available at any given moment which are coming from all over the country and much of it can be of lower quality.

Chronic Buddha has been your weed delivery experts for many years now, delivering exotics and AAA marijuana strains to the delight of all our customers. This can only happen when a company sells what they say they do. That is how we have stood in business all these years delivering weed to all the neighborhoods in New York. Our customers know that we show our strains right on our page and what your order is exactly the strain you will receive. This also applies to the products we sell, such as marijuana vapes and weed edibles. We want you to have trust in us so that when you order a 8th of sour diesel or an ounce of jedi’s swift knuckle(lol) that it is what it’s supposed to be, and we stand behind that.

Some companies or dealers of the black market are purchasing marijuana strains through 4th or 3rd parties and don’t have a true connection with actual growers or farms that produce exotic strains and that’s the difference between having a real place to get weed delivery and wondering if what you just bought is the real jet fuel or real jack herer. All our strains are tested and checked to make sure they match the strain they claim they are. We ensure you are receiving the proper strain and ones that are of high quality with a great smoke and awesome taste. Whenever you are the need for queens weed delivery or brooklyn weed delivery then simply text us at 718-747-9797 with the strains and products you would like and one of our drivers will get that out to you usually in less than an hour,

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Newest Polkadot & Loud Snackz Are Fire!

First up is our Smooth and Delicious ride you’ll get with the New Updated PolkaDot Chocolate Mushroom Bars. We have stacked up with the newest release with all of the great wild flavors available in the Polkadot line. They are very tasty and potent and can be shared with your friends for a magical good time. We have the latest version with all the proper authentic markings and the true ability to authenticate the product with the qr code which can be scanned and checked on the spot.

Chrinic Buddha is featuring Polkadot famous mushroom chocolate bars and they are truly medicinal and have very powerful healing abilities. These mushroom chocolate bars help people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. This makes them acceptable in nearly all parts of the world. The Polka Dot Brand Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Belgian Chocolate Bars are highly potent and boasts four grams of magic mushrooms. 20-30 minutes after ingestion you will notice a distortion of space and time, bright, beautiful colors, visual distortions, mystical experiences, euphoria and happiness.

The Latest Iteration of the PolkaDot Magical Mushroom bar.

Next up on the great tasting Chronic buddha edible collection is our Updated INFUSED LOUD SNACKZ GUMMIES & INFUSED COOKIES. We have a one to one connection with LOUD SNACKZ as we are family. We introduced the Loud Snackz line last year and they have taken off and are loved by so many. These are tasty treats that give you the right amount of THC in every bite which use the highest quality THC oil out there. Each gummy is packed with flavor and with one piece you can expect a few hours of chilling out and full body relaxation.


Brand New Packaging With Ultra high Quality THC Oil

The Final Mega Star is the brand-new line of LOUD SNACKZ INFUSED MONSTER COOKIES. These Loud Snack Monster Cookies have been selling extremely well and are wildly popular in the THC world. From rappers to pop stars and are customers alike, we have gotten rave reviews and expect that to continue with their New Updated packaging and Flavors. You can expect a myriad of new flavors to choose from and expect the highest quality ingredients that go into these cookies. Loud Snackz Monster Cookies are made in a true baking facility and deliver us the ooey gooey goodness in every bite and a high that hits with every bite. Pick up a pack today of the latest batch in the newest packaging and go for a fun THC experience like no other.

The Latest Loud Snackz Monster Cookies

Choose one or Choose them all and enjoy the clean THC experience.

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Our Pink Elephant Has Wings, You’re Gona Fly.!!

Chronic Buddha set the dabbing world on fire when we introduced our Pink Elephant Line of badder which sold out rather quickly leaving our customers clamming for more. Well, now Pink Elephant have done it once again with a ultra premium run of 100% strain specific resin badder sauce that rivals most of what’s available on the market today. We are talking each of the 8 strains that is then chopped and turned into Pink Elephant Live Resin Sauce Badder using a special cold press process that leaves the final product untouched and pure from that strain to your lungs. Each strain delivers it’s own constancy which can be from a medium runny product to a solid moist product depending on how the final product solidifies. Each strain is gooey and easily spreadable with some being slightly firmer than other. Our Pink Elephant 100% Live Resin Sauce Badder is truly on another level with purity, strength, and consistency. With chronic buddha and pink elephant you can rely on the quality and the awesome quick queens weed delivery or our manhattan weed delivery and of course our brooklyn weed delivery service which is usualy at your doorstep within the hour.

The taste excels with pure, real terpenes from that strain which simply taste unreal and then the high that shoots you to the moon with an immediate effect no matter how you to choose to consume the Pink Elephant Live Resin Sauce Badder. You can use a dab rig and blast your way to pink elephant heaven or a Erig like the Core 2.1 or the puffco. Either way you can be assured that just a tine little bit is enough to get a few people really high. Combine the incredible badder sauce with Chronic Buddha’s super fast weed delivery, you end up with a great day and night.

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Our Queens & Long Island Weed Delivery – Within The Hour!!

Are you looking for a Reliable Queens Weed Delivery service in Queens New York or in Long Island? Then look no more as Chronic Buddha has the finest weed delivery drivers in Queens & Long Island New York. Whether your in the mood for one of our highly rated Marijuana Strains or are in the mood for some awesome tasting and hitting edible, chronic buddha is here for you. We always have a full line of prerolled joints and a top tier selection of THC oil and sauce vape products. If you are intown visiting or live in New York Queens or Long Island, then simply text 718-747-9797 and we will get you started on your order and have one of our speedy Marijuana delivery drivers get your order to you usually within the hour. We have years of experience with queens weed delivery and long island weed delivery in New York & we always take care of our customers with quick and prompt queens weed delivery.

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Instant Weed Ordering & Speedy Deliveries @ Chronic Buddha

Chronic Buddha’s Speedy Marijuana Weed Delivery Service has revolutionized the way cannabis enthusiasts in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn access the latest vaping products, high-quality edibles, and cutting-edge marijuana strains. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, seamless ordering, and efficient delivery, Chronic Buddha caters to the diverse preferences of cannabis connoisseurs and newcomers alike. By embracing innovation, safety, and quality, we stand out as a trusted provider, enriching the cannabis experience for residents and visitors in New York City’s bustling boroughs. If you Live in or visiting the 5 boroughs then look no further for a quick and easy delivery weed service as we have the speediest service with the latest products and the best strains available. Everyone in the Manhattan, Brooklyn or queens neighborhoods can text us at 718-747-9797 to get started now.
Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to our user-friendly ordering and delivery process. With our intuitive online platform, customers can browse through the extensive menu, easily select their desired products, and place orders in a matter of minutes. Once the order is confirmed, Chronic Buddha’s efficient delivery fleet ensures prompt and discreet delivery to the preferred location in Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn. Chronics’ dedication to fast and reliable service allows customers to enjoy their chosen cannabis products with minimal delay.

We take great pride in showcasing the latest and most sought-after marijuana strains in our menu. Whether you’re a connoisseur in search of rare cultivars or a novice looking to explore different effects, Chronic Buddha has you covered. We carry a selection which includes a diverse range of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, each carefully curated for potency, aroma, and flavor. By partnering with top-notch growers, Chronic Buddha ensures that our customers have access to the freshest and highest-quality marijuana strains on the market.

For those seeking an alternative to smoking or vaping, Chronic Buddha always delivers an impressive selection of high-quality edibles. With advancements in culinary techniques, cannabis-infused treats have evolved to offer an exciting and delicious experience. From delectable chocolates and gummies to savory snacks, Chronic Buddha provides an assortment of edibles to satisfy every palate. Each product is crafted with precision, using premium ingredients and precisely measured doses, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience every time for an unbeatable high. We have been dropping the latest Vape products Recognizing the growing popularity of vaping, We try to stay ahead of the curve by offering an extensive array of cutting-edge vaping products. From sleek and stylish vaporizers to disposable Sauce & Loud vape pens, they provide a range of options to suit every individual’s vaping style. With an emphasis on quality and safety, Chronic Buddha sources vaping products from reputable manufacturers, ensuring an optimal vaping experience. Whether you prefer vape cartridges or THC-infused Disposable vape batteries, Chronic Buddha’s menu is packed with choices that combine convenience, discretion, and innovation. So don’t worry because we got you covered with all your weed deliveries in Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens.

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What You Rolling With??

Rolling papers are an essential element for smokers who prefer to roll their own cigarettes or joints. However, with so many brands from Raw, Elements to OBG and other types of rolling papers available on the market, it can be challenging to know which one to choose. In this article, we will take a closer look at the differences between rice paper, flax paper, hemp paper, blunt wraps, bleached, and unbleached rolling papers. Chronic Buddha will also explore the newest vaporizers and their unique features.

Rice Paper

Rice paper is a popular choice among smokers as it is thin, slow-burning, and virtually tasteless. Elements are a Awesome brand of papers made from a mixture of rice straw and flax fibers and are typically unbleached. They are easy to roll and have a smooth burn, making them a popular choice for those who appreciate a clean, pure smoking experience.

Flax Paper

Flax paper is similar to rice paper in that it is thin and slow-burning. However, it is made from flax fibers and is typically bleached, giving it a white color. Truth be told, Flax paper is a bit more robust than rice paper, making it a better choice for those who prefer a slightly thicker paper.

Hemp Paper

A very popular trend starting happening a few years ago with hemp paper. Natural Hemp paper is made from the fibers of the hemp plant and is an excellent alternative to traditional wood pulp paper. It is thin, slow-burning, and environmentally friendly, making it a popular choice among eco-conscious smokers. Hemp papers are available in both bleached and unbleached versions.

Blunt Wraps

Blunt wraps are a type of rolling paper that is made from tobacco leaves. They are typically flavored and are available in a range of flavors, such as Cotton Candy, Blueberry, and vanilla. Compared to paper, Blunt wraps are thicker than traditional rolling papers and are an excellent choice for those who prefer a more substantial smoking experience.

Bleached Rolling Papers

Bleached rolling papers are typically made from wood pulp and are treated with chlorine to give them a white color. While these papers are popular, some smokers prefer to avoid them as the chlorine used in the bleaching process can potentially be harmful. This is why raw became so popular as they were unbleached.

Unbleached Rolling Papers

Unbleached rolling papers such as RAW are made from natural materials and are not treated with any chemicals or bleaching agents. They have a natural brown color and are an excellent choice for those who prefer an organic smoking experience.


Vaporizers are a relatively new addition to the smoking world and are becoming increasingly popular among smokers. Vaporizers work by heating the smoking material to a temperature that is hot enough to release the active compounds but not hot enough to cause combustion. This process produces a vapor that can be inhaled, rather than smoke.

There are several types of vaporizers available from puffco and cloud, including desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and pen-style vaporizers. Some vaporizers are designed for use with dry herbs, while others are designed for use with concentrates such as wax or oil. Choosing the right rolling papers or vaporizer comes down to personal preference. Each type of paper or vaporizer has its unique features, and it is up to the smoker to decide which one best suits their needs. Whether you prefer a thin, slow-burning rice paper or a more substantial blunt wrap, there is a rolling paper out there that will be perfect for you. Similarly, if you are looking for a cleaner, healthier smoking experience, a vaporizer may be the perfect choice. With so many options available, smokers are sure to find a rolling paper or vaporizer that is perfect for them.

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It’s Stiiizy Season With New Tasty Flavors!!

The New Year has arrived and along with the new year All New Flavor Pods have arrived for your Stiiizy Batteries. Everyone loves the clean hard hits you get from Stiiizy pods and Chronic Buddha has them all and each one is Verifiable and Authentic. Every Stiiizy Pod we sell has a Scratch off Authentication QR Code so you can easily verify your pods and batteries, Please Click This STIIIZY LINK To Authenticate Your STIIIZY Vape


We have drivers that Expedite NYC Weed Deliveries to Queens New York, Covering all parts of Astoria NY, Flushing NY, Whitestone NY, Long island NY , L.I.C., Manhattan and beyond. Leave the hard work to us, Chronic Buddha Has you covered with speedy deliveries, prompt safe and secure service and quality authentic marijuana products you can trust.