Posted: August 17, 2023 By: beba

Blazing The Summer With Awesome Sales$$

The summer is blazing, and Chronic Buddha is up to the task bringing you speedy queens weed delivery every day of the week and pride ourselves on our fast Brooklyn weed delivery service despite the New York traffic which our crafty drivers have mastered. We started off the summer with our June and jury ounce sales which have been very successful, especially during times in which money is restrictive for many. To help out everyone we have have added many $40 dollar eigth strains which are all indoor exotics and are full on real strains you can all depends on. We wanted to continue the saving so we decided to do a media sale on our pre rolls and decided to do a sale for both, our very own Blaze ny preolls and our new fresh batch of Premium Moonrock infused prerolls. We have both our own blaze preroll available in dozens of strains and about a dozen flavos in the Premium moon rock infused prerolls. Both are a perfect on the go product without the need to roll anything, simply pull it out and smoke. You can feel free to order these anytime of the day from 11am to 11pm anywhere in the 5 boughs and with our speedy Brooklyn weed delivery and queens weed delivery you can expect your order in an under an hour. The simplicity of popping open the tube and pulling out a rerolled infused joint that’s ready to smoke makes the day a lot easier to deal with, especially after work where you don’t want to waste time. If you’re going to walk the dog or do some chores it is much easier to grab a pre roll and save the time on rolling. Many I know simply prefer preroll as it fits their lifestyle and now it can fit your wallet too. You can grab 10 base pre roll for $100 bucks, that’s a big deal. If you desire a crazy deal of corrupts premium infused moon rock preroll joints then you can get 7 for $100 and that’s cheaper then any smoke shop that’s out there and that actually has real ones.

Next on the big summer sale is the Pink Elephant Sugar Badder and all new Pink Elephant Crumble that will be upon a few days. All pink elephant crumble sauce product are strain specific and true terpene only. We have a few new flavors coming that will blow your minds away and these are truly flavorful and potent. They can be enjoyed by sprinting or spreading some onto your weed or paper or you can use a dab rig or an electronic dab rig Like the core v2.1 or the puff and you only need a tiny bit which goes a long way.

Let’s keep the excitement rolling with our incredible ounce sale. You can grab one of 3 ounces and each for only $175. We have the bubblegum mimosa which is tasty as it is a great stress reliever. Then we have the black cherry runtz which stinks of a creamy cherry gelato candy cake and has full flavor and an incredible high. The third flavor is our granddaddy purple cake which explodes with a fruity vanilla gelato cake and is super fun to smoke with its indica high. All 3 are an amazing deal for indoor exotics and for only $175 each delivered directly to you in under a hour.

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