Posted: April 30, 2023 By: beba

New Products Are Dropping!!, Don’t Miss Out!!

Chronic Buddha has been working hard behind the scenes and as you can see, we have been dropping new products and new flower flavors. First and foremost, we have gotten our mittens on the Brand new Loud Powered KoKo GUMMIES. We are the first ones to have these as we work closely with LOUD and receive these before anyone else. You can rest assured we have the original LOUD POWERED KoKo GUMMIES which come in a 10 piece pack at 50mg each for a total of 500mg. The flavors are spot on and are custom designed by LOUD. The power behind these is carefully designed to ensure the proper measurements and that each pack contains the highest-grade edible THC in every piece. KoKo nugs are a true edible experience which can be enjoyed piece by piece and are great for the novice and the experienced user.

Next on deck is the New PUFF LA 2 Gram USB-C disposable. This puppy will last you forever with its long-lasting battery and thick golden oil. They are dripping in flavor and come in 5 amazing flavors that hit with every pull. They contain top shelf premium THC oil derived in California. The pull on this disposable is open and easy to draw without any worry with clogging as they have a wider air flow hole. With 2 full grams in every cart you will be vaping on the PUFF LA for weeks on end. Treat yourself to an exceptional experience for only $70 for 2 full grams for a true high end boutique experience.

Cookies brand is as popular as ever and we stocked up on their newest 2 gram blunts that are long lasting and smoke amazingly well. They come with a glass tip and sealed for freshness directly form the cookies factory. At a price that that that will have you baffled sine these are of high quality and freshness. You get to choose between 3 flavors and are available now. Save big by getting 3 for only $100. These are perfect for a group of friends who want to smoke a blunt together that is hand rolled with a glass tip that will burn for a long time.

Dabbers can rejoice and get their dabbing rig prepared for our all new Chronic Badder. We have 4 new flavors and these badders where all hand pressed and made especially for chronic buddha by Pink Elephant. We have been wanting to carry this brand for a while and we finally got connected with the owner and now all our customers can get to taste these amazing badders. Choose between these flavors BLUE DREAM, WEDDING CAKE, ORANGE ACCAI & HEADBAND for an experience like no other. The taste is clean and each strain just pops with pure terpene flavor that can only be brought out through Live Badder. You can add this to your flower for an awesome heady experience or use it in your dabbing rig of choice for an outer body and mid experience.

We saved the best for last with our NEW FRENCHIE THCA INFUSED 5 piece minis. You can choose between 4 awesome strains which hit hard and taste amazing. Each mini is perfect for a quick hit that lasts for its tiny size. They were designed and packed to last and are full of THCA which is infused and peaks your high with every hit. The smoke is smooth and flavorful with high quality flower in every mini. Don’t hesitate and pick up a jar and we are sure you will be impressed with just how well they work.

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