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What You Rolling With??


Rolling papers are an essential element for smokers who prefer to roll their own cigarettes or joints. However, with so many brands from Raw, Elements to OBG and other types of rolling papers available on the market, it can be challenging to know which one to choose. In this article, we will take a closer look at the differences between rice paper, flax paper, hemp paper, blunt wraps, bleached, and unbleached rolling papers. Chronic Buddha will also explore the newest vaporizers and their unique features.

Rice Paper

Rice paper is a popular choice among smokers as it is thin, slow-burning, and virtually tasteless. Elements are a Awesome brand of papers made from a mixture of rice straw and flax fibers and are typically unbleached. They are easy to roll and have a smooth burn, making them a popular choice for those who appreciate a clean, pure smoking experience.

Flax Paper

Flax paper is similar to rice paper in that it is thin and slow-burning. However, it is made from flax fibers and is typically bleached, giving it a white color. Truth be told, Flax paper is a bit more robust than rice paper, making it a better choice for those who prefer a slightly thicker paper.

Hemp Paper

A very popular trend starting happening a few years ago with hemp paper. Natural Hemp paper is made from the fibers of the hemp plant and is an excellent alternative to traditional wood pulp paper. It is thin, slow-burning, and environmentally friendly, making it a popular choice among eco-conscious smokers. Hemp papers are available in both bleached and unbleached versions.

Blunt Wraps

Blunt wraps are a type of rolling paper that is made from tobacco leaves. They are typically flavored and are available in a range of flavors, such as Cotton Candy, Blueberry, and vanilla. Compared to paper, Blunt wraps are thicker than traditional rolling papers and are an excellent choice for those who prefer a more substantial smoking experience.

Bleached Rolling Papers

Bleached rolling papers are typically made from wood pulp and are treated with chlorine to give them a white color. While these papers are popular, some smokers prefer to avoid them as the chlorine used in the bleaching process can potentially be harmful. This is why raw became so popular as they were unbleached.

Unbleached Rolling Papers

Unbleached rolling papers such as RAW are made from natural materials and are not treated with any chemicals or bleaching agents. They have a natural brown color and are an excellent choice for those who prefer an organic smoking experience.


Vaporizers are a relatively new addition to the smoking world and are becoming increasingly popular among smokers. Vaporizers work by heating the smoking material to a temperature that is hot enough to release the active compounds but not hot enough to cause combustion. This process produces a vapor that can be inhaled, rather than smoke.

There are several types of vaporizers available from puffco and cloud, including desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and pen-style vaporizers. Some vaporizers are designed for use with dry herbs, while others are designed for use with concentrates such as wax or oil. Choosing the right rolling papers or vaporizer comes down to personal preference. Each type of paper or vaporizer has its unique features, and it is up to the smoker to decide which one best suits their needs. Whether you prefer a thin, slow-burning rice paper or a more substantial blunt wrap, there is a rolling paper out there that will be perfect for you. Similarly, if you are looking for a cleaner, healthier smoking experience, a vaporizer may be the perfect choice. With so many options available, smokers are sure to find a rolling paper or vaporizer that is perfect for them.

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